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My Story: Counselor-Coach, Relationships and Total Wealth

In Search of HERO

Did you ever put everything into something you believed in, yet it took too much. You droped or lost everything in a effort to do something you thought was right for you? I did. Very recently. It wasn't the first time something in my long life had gone wrong. Each time, I matured and thanks to years of intense inner work, mental effort, and openness to life's experience. Perhaps your situation is a business startup that didn't start, a relationsihip that went wrong, or even  just a fun time that ended up not being fun at all. Here is what happened to me.


HERO coaching was forming as a technology and concept along with Executive Educaton for Everyone for nearly 4 years. My Ph.D research was fully on building power for those who wished to more powerfully engage their life and business through applying the most practical concepts of empowerrment the world could offer. I had made them better.. Unfortunately, the finance salespeople I worked for and approached really only cared about selling stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Either you could sell, get a commisson, and make everyone money, or it was not of interest. Period. This group shared no inteest in training or empowering their salsepersons from me. Slowly, my priority in the work of empowering anyone to succeed at anything took too much away from sales and commissions I lost everything pursuing the technology no one else had, but that would be the holy grail of coaching...A real life compete Balance Sheet so any and everyone could see right where they were today and everyday.


I had hope, plans, had worked, published, kept good friends and did all I could knowing I could succeed and must succeed.. But there I was, just a few years ago, with nothing but me and the vision left. Ok, I had $25, a quarter tank of gas, and the vision to help the world with knowledge I was sure was correct and practical. I had sold my too rarely played with golf clubs and my sweet 10 speed bicycle to get gas money to attend my son's wedding 400 miles from my home, which also had fallen behind in what most considered the mad approach to helping the world with a new business and life model it so desperately needed, yet lacked.


My son's wedding had just concluded earlier that week. He I and I met for a quick good-bye at a local restaurant as the honeymoon would not be for about a week or so. From there, I was planning to head to where I believed the best interest and ability to use the technology I developed existed. Just one more night with family and I'd be on my way.


Then, almost mysterious on the timing, my car situation had an emergency. It took all my remaining money and I had to sell my better vehcile and buy a much lower model. I was stuck now, in Buffalo. I beleived that the work I was doing was important even though everyone around me, at all levels, just wanted me to get a real job, or sell things for them, instead of working on my vision for adding immense value to the world. Yes, I did seek basic work but it seemed the doors remainded closed even to the simplist job at minimal pay. How do you say, OMG?


 I just knew that my journey was a bit different in every way from the mainstream around me in academics, spirituality, economics, and just plain vision for life. At that point, I lost most all material posessions and had no money left but the $25 and had no source of income. And, Oh, my poor FICO, usually near 800 was lost. That was July 2014. . 


What a journey it has been. When everything you know smashes to the ground, here is a word of coaching advice, "Keep calm. Ask how you can grow and develop into who you know or envision your true-self to be." The majic happens when you begin to pick up the pieces of your life that seem to have fallen and suddenly...find something new. There, in the pile where your life broke into pieces. You likely would have never seen it if your life hadn't fallen, there, and then. And it may just be that the little extra something you find makes everything else work beyond your dreams. That happened to me. 


I was in Buffalo now, after years of working and studying money in NYC working in Banks, Wall Street, capital raising, and broker-dealers ranging in size from global to boutique. Volunteer activities had led me to help those with emotional diagnoses, to global art for peace speaking and writing engagements, and to interview 12 of the top performers in their professions on their unique phsychological experiences.  All my work in human systems, social conflict, money, sprituality, and counseling came together and my work spanned from an easy simple technolgy to top philosophy. Yet, the business integration had not yet materialized and funds had long ago run out.


Then I googled two words: Buffalo Ontology. I knew that ontology held the key to my practical work but fewer that 1 in 1000 people know about it. Ontology is simply the nature of what exists in the most general, yet real, categories. The google results were incredible. In turns out the world's leading authority and president of the national associaiton and editor of an Oxford Journal on this subject, teaches in Buffalo. I'd never heard of him or his work. Neither had my sociology professors, business executives, or anyone I knew or studied. Why? I asked. There were no good answers. But I had found the key to bring the Excalibur Sword out of the rock of ignorance. Since then, at the highest levels, my work is recognized and in publication with the International Society for Knowledge Organizataion. What that means for you is that you can rest assured of the science behind the four areas of your life: Things, Individuals in relationships, Money, and Energy that manifests as emotions. The rest of my work is this focus. The rest of life is this focus of harmony and growth.  


Rest assured that the way my coaching works, you'll never have to hear philosophy or big words. For you there is the coaching and the results. Quick results.  HERO coaching is like an injection of immediate sense and powerful energy flowing through and around you to your life. And you will see how it works for me, and the world of this millenial future.


I am Dr. James D. Smith, PhD, MBA, and Ivy League MILR from Cornell. My life journey as a counselor, coach, ethics chair, and finance expert is to attain new personal bests, share widely, care consistently, raise aspirations, open doors of insight, provide leadership, and empower you to your hightest possible self of enjoyment. You will enjoy the pride and power of your postive beliefs and informed strategy to succeed fully.


I was a lead counselor, a director of counseling, on a team of counselors. I got my share of counseling. Yet, I never really felt I knew the entire system of life. Turns out, the best minds across the centuries have only stories of life and wisdom, from CEO's, Confuscious, myths and sacred writings. The best organizers also follow some complicated trees of knowledge created by Lord Bacon, Aristotle, Liebnitz, and today's library systems. No simple system has worked for individual lives until now. There are many psychological assessments but humans are more than heads. We are bodies, in relationship with others, users of necessary money, and feeler-thinking heads. HERO puts it all together. When you want peace, harmony, power to achieve within and the ability to surmount local and global challenges without, to make love and sense of everything; you need HERO. HERO helps and I'm excited about that gift of power.


I've been looking for the HERO pattern just by intentional living and learning since in my teens. It was reasonable to me even then that no knowledgeable leaders could be so caught up in killing masses of people and jailing masses of people, not be able to articuate why, and still be the leaders I wanted to emulate. Did they create a loving ideal society? It seemed these leaders, expressed a nearly complete inability to expain how humans do well by following the feelings and rationales of natural life in relationship with family and friends, or just plain talk kindly and insightfully in order to learn. It seemed to me that  the public square was filled with empty rhetoric and those seeking profit of just a few on their team. This is the idealistic view of a youth. This youth's choices were many: become co-opted by some Marxist or Randian ideology, join a red or blue political party, go into hard science and forget people problems, or create a solution. I create solutions...with a little help from friends. HERO is the solution that engenders skill and unites the individual and the group in harmonious tension. Harmony and tension are the elements of music. 


Along the way, working backwards from today, it was literally required of me in my life task to gain expertise as:

A Life and Relationship Expert: PhD 2013 in Human Systems, MA 2010 in Human Development, Published academic work in Integral Journal on Experiences of High Performing Professionals. Developed and supervised the academic review of HERO coaching. HERO included support from the sponsor out of George Mason University, the Institutional Review of Fielding Graduate, and participation of over 25 diverse women and men from around the globe.

A Coach: Over 10 years of cutting edge, person-centered, directing counseling in a multi-disciplinary environment. Participant in Strategic Intervention Coaching (Robbins Madanes Training), Administrator of Executive, Professional, and Cultural Coaching assessement since 2004. Tutor of Human and Organizatonal development, Empire State College SUNY.   Cornell University conferred a Master of Industrial Labor Relations on me in 2001 for the work I did in those fields of reconciling the world to business, people and families, and industry and the enviroment. 

Financial Expert: Your money is a measure of value and priority. The way you earn and the way you spend are expressions of your present state. Without money the modern world would soon crumble into the chaos of the primitive. I can help. Over 12 years of experience and counseling as a fiduciary, financial planner, advisor, and global portfolio manager with international banks, private US banks, and the US government. You come first and you will learn the clearest facts about how money affects life, community, and the world, if you like. This can make a big difference in what you do. Presently, I affiliate with a small investment adviorsy, Buffalo First Wealth Management, LLC. My full support is to the group of business leaders called "Conscious Capitalists" and the stakeholder model of business where everyone is an important part. In 2000 Canisius College conferred to me a MBA as competency in the mathematics,and methods of business. 



Spiritiual: In my search, I started with the spiritual pursuits of eastern, then western religion, while laboring in plants and factories. Eventually, I received a national appointment as a chaplain in a health care setting working ecuminically, across relgious and non-religious belief systems. This led to working within institutions as a bio-ethics chair too. Conflict management was a major component and my training, practice and expertise grew as a mediator, arbitrator, and mentor. My work included families, child custody cases, life and dealth health cases, and crimes in the New York State Court System. The role was simple, help those who came to me understand their present feelings relative to  their situation and lead them where they really wanted to be or go.


Finance and Labor: It was soon apparrent in many ways that a firm grasp of finance was critical to doing a complete job of helping people. Earning a MBA made good sense, so I did. This lead to an acceptance at Cornell's industrial relations school to learn how money, work and life relate in humanity.  


Family systems are not too hard to indentify. If that is the source of every problem, then that counseling would solve every problem. As many reading my story know, life is much bigger than the family of your birth, or even your marriage. In fact, the system of life includes your rules and beliefs, your economic desired needs, all your relationships with other people, and physical health. Some of these goals of life are directly in my control. Some of them, I can just influence. Each one is critical to a full modern life. Yet, not one counselor, even myself, could put it together, until now. That is HERO


In search of the answer to full integration took me around the world, to the heights of the world, and to its depths too. Sometimes both at once. Here are the credentials I earned and expertise I learned on the way to "the rest of the story". The expertise relates directly to each element of HERO and how each fits in your life and mine. And along the way, I've worked hard to be ready to help in each area. Here are just a few in each area of coaching individual relationships, money, feelings and goals, and material things. Plust, of course, putting these all together into a beautiful life.



Big Picture of People

The "H" in HERO is for humans. Individuals and teams are my area of expertise. My 2013 PhD in human systems comes from the only modern university in the world that uses a distributed learning method and is approved by the American Psychologial Association for clinical practice. Like most adults who want to make a difference, I wanted answers yet had to work while studying, and communting to Santa Barbara California and Fairfax Virginia to attend classes. The best thing was that Fielding Graduate University had a student and teaching group in New York City. I had the best of everything I could expect. For example, four of the five members of my dissertation team were graduates of Ivy League Universities, recognizes experts in their fields.


The dissertation brought together the leading conflict managment approaches to create the "Social Theory of Relativity". Stated simply, empowerment for individuals means improvment for everyone. That is what HERO does. You can dramatically improve your conditions while improving the world. That is what must happen to make the globe a win for you, a win for other individuals, and a win for everyone. The Social Theory of Relativity demonstrates that: As power balances between parties in pursuit of a rival goal (like a job, a lover, a business' market share, or an elected office), the goal's beauty, usefulness, and integrity increases as well.  The best way to increase power for an individual is with the HERO process. This is the basis of social power. 


My interest in this subject came from years of work as a professional spiritual care leader, mediator, bio-ethics chair, cultural liasion, and friend to those who were suffering.HERO balances power by empowering each person in a deep and personal way. Improve your physical strength and attributes. Improve your economic stability and situation. Improve your relationships at home, in the community, and in your career. Improve your set of beliefs about your purpose, your ability, and your possibilities. Once you become sufficiently educated in all these areas and what makes a difference in them, you will negotiate more effectively, communicate more persuasively, and be respected by the most dominant individuals as someone who really knows.  You will change your world and your results without taking anything from anyone. When you add to yourself, without taking from anyone directly or coercively, the whole system of human life is better off. HERO emerged directly from this empowerment work, yet much more was needed to make HERO work.


Money in Balance

One of the early organizations I worked for went through some trying times with finances. Don't they all? Yet, only understanding mediation is not quite enough when troubles of the dollar kind arise. I felt helpless because the doors to helping were closed. "You don't know money." I was told. Of course, in some way that was right. In another way, it was dreadfully wrong. Money and relationships are the balance of life. 


Money is the way people share values and communicate what is important to them. Knowing people and money together are critical for optimal performance in an organization or individual life. So, I had the opportunity, through a scholarship, to earn an MBA. Adding a firm knowledge of money to my tool kit was extrodinary. I counseled business owners about money challenges during the 911 recovery period (2 years with the SBA disaster lending team). I managed loan generation for small to medium size businesses as the loan manager during the boom years of 2004-2007 as a publically traded, privately held, commercial bank in Westchester NY. During the financial crisis of 2007 and beyond, I was a a broker and fiancical advisor with the then largest international bank in the world. Here I worked with emerging affluent individuals and non profits to guide them through the difficult times.  


Once any person integrates relationships, money, physical things, and energy (another name for beliefs, views, and thought), they can experience tremendous growth, power, emergence, and unity of life. Here is a graphic to make HERO easy and more real.