i4 Advantage & HERO XL Coaching

 HERO coaching is tested and proven in leading universtiy research, designed supervised by Dr. Smith, and now in publication by the global group called the International Society for Knowledge Organization. Top scholars and top coaches together. This made Dr. Smith the lead coach to HEROs.


Women and men from all continents, in all stages of life, applied HERO and agreed, "This fully covers all my life at once. Never before have I seen life so clear." With HERO, everything fits together. All that is left is living, working and enjoying insight. HERO Identifies, prioritizes, and aligns your deepest personal and private desires. Then your inner hero stands up stronger and move you in the right direction! Your direction.


Those who have used HERO included all income levels, and educational backgrounds. HERO's and Heroines found insight and support by simply completing the assessment and the free professional review included. And that is just the start. From there your whole life emerges in unity and balance. 


What's the secret? My coaching process engages every area of your life experience in unity and balance. We will quickly know each other and succeed..

Is there magic? You are the magic. Your idneity is your passion that I empower. You learn to bring yourself out more and more.

How do I help? We understand your aligment of all your goals and the ones most important at this time. Next, we link the near term goals to your vison of your true identity and line them up to achive your life.


An inner-hero coach learns and understands how you would like to be the hero of your own life. The happy champion of your world. I You want to inspiring yourself and perhaps others too? It is for only you to decide. The assessment and process is proven globally and locally. It makes sense while affirming the creative mystery of humans and life. It is free for you to decide. Find your own your own inner HERO now. Enjoy the free assessment.


How HERO Works


HERO has a double meaning. A hero, male or female, is someone with courage, knowledge, and wisdom to live their life and help others live their life too. All of us are HEROs, or at leset, can be. The other meaning is the scientific meaning the scientific meaning is based on university approved and sponsored research I created and supervised. Each letter of HERO stands for a specific meaning.

H is for human. This is both personal and global.

E is for experience. Each human experiences the same four real things, just idfferently.

R is for reality. There are four real things each person is intimately needing in the modern world: Relationships, Money, Material Things, and Feelings. 

O is for what exists. The big word is Ontology. It can also mean objective realtiy at the most general level.

These four things are real in your life. The soul secret is that each person wants a different combination of them, put together in a different system, and is able to do certain things better than others. Perhaps more imporantly, each HERO is willing to work at differing levels while putting all this together. The spiritual dimension of HERO is our human ability to use these four things to learn, live, and love. Get started with HERO to align your life and work.


With me you will go through a simple process to know your whole life now. Then you can choose one of my simple packages if you need and want more. You may do it yourself, or find a friend or spouse and do HERO work together. Unfortunately, at this time, HERO coaching is great and cost saving in every way.  

What is HERO coaching