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HERO for You: Your Goals Your Way

You're on your way. To reach your scientific goals you might like to quickly review these few lines. Or, just START YOUR PERSONAL HERO ASSESSMENT right now. 


It is pretty simple. On each row decide how satisfied you feel today on a 1-10 scale. Higher is more satisfied.


Then you just write in your next step and long term goals. It is OK if you don't know or just want to stay where you are. Just say that.

Finally, you just use a 1-10 scale to say how easy the next step is to take. Higher is easier. That's it.


Pick the two goals you feel are most important goals on the page and you're done!


This little bit of information is amazing. It covers your whole and entire life. 


Below are the way the 1-10 scales are understood for how satisfied and how easy your next steps are. These are also at the bottom of each page for your convenience.









When you finish, you'll get a professional map and opportunity to discuss your future with no monetary cost or obligation.  Start HERO now.

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