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Are you fed up with working day and night in your business and still not making the profit you deserve?


HERO has four main pages and one summary page. Directions are also at the bottom of each page if needed. It is simple.From left to right, fill in these items:

1. In each row, just look at the item and, on a 1-10 scale, indicate how satisified you are with that item. (higher is more satsified)

2. In the text box, write your next step goal for that area. For confidentiality issues of any kind, you may just write N/A but try to indicate something, if possible.

3 Indicate how easy this next step is for you on a 1-10 scale (1 is nearly impossible and 10 is a slam dunk.)

4. Write your long range goal in the last text box.

5. On each page there are 7 items and when all are filled in, just select the two most important to you today by checking the box. Two must be chosen on each page.



Quick & Thorough  

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The research and science used in HERO is sophisticated information science used in military, bio-medicine, and computer science. It is now available for executives of business in this easy to use and understandable program. Those who have used it say there is nothing like it. Published in "Knowledge Organization" Nov. 2016.

In just a few minutes you identify your business goals and prioritize them. The map you receive, without cost, will cover the 20,000' view of your company. You are the satellite, HERO is the mapping guidance-device in your, hands. Your goals become one, like a team, working together rather than at cross-purposes.

HERO for business is fractal. Fractal means that each executive, direct report, department head, and manager is able to work from the same HERO framework. Of course, the details in each area are unique but the 4 HERO areas themselves support a company wide mindset and communications framework.