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These are questions that clients have asked. Please email your question here

What is your business background? The background i4 Advantage llc brings to clients includes lending manager for two privately managed banks in New York City: Hudson Valley and New York National Bank. I grew and managed a $20 million loan portfolio and advised clients on business success. I also worked for many years with the US Small Business Administration. Experience in consulting comes from years in private equity representing sematic search technologies, hotel development and alternative energy companies.


Before banking, and after banking, I was a counselor and coach for families and businesses suffering loss. I ran a bioethics department at a large health care group. I advocated with other institutions to get the job of care done for our clients.


Effective team building skills are applied from experience as a counseling department manager and supervisor, an administrator with the Devine Group and a Board Certified Coach


Why did you pursue both a PhD and a MBA? Isn't that a bit over the top for small to medium size business? In many ways, this question is quite sensible. The owner of i4 Advantage determines to go as far as possible in searh of the best ways leading to the best results. Rarely are the best ways found in schools. In schools, there are unsolved problems hidden in the standard classes and common financial techniques. After completing educational paths, common and unsolved problems become apparent. To solve those old common problems students must go all the way until they either find or create new solutions. i4 Advantage can solve business and leadership problems.


How would you describe your business? i4 Advantage is built similar to a business development company model. A BDC invests in smaller companies and provides management consulting in every key area of business: strategic positioning in the market, revenue generation, cash flow improvement, profit maximization, executive coaching, team training, and strategic development.


What kind of science do you use? The Turbo-Charged Four Cylinder Model of business is based on i4 Advantage's published case studies of business results in peer-reveiwed articles related to business and psychology. This work demonstrated the value of a four-sided approach to business that when customized to your business can adjust to deliver amazingly hot focus power. The four cylinders (or sides to business) are: 1 Product and Service, 2 Sales and Marketing, 3 Investors and other stakeholders and last but not in anyway least is money and cash generation. The turbo-charge is the focus executives gain when a rational dashboard of these four is in front of them at all times so executives can act with crystal clear power to achieve their vision.  


Below, are some of the professional products and processes i4 Advantage is proud to apply to your businesses growth: