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HERO XL: Executive Life Coaching

and Organizational Develolpment

Executive benefits


 a free Business assessment tool.

Business Assessment Technologyssessment Technology 

No cost complimentary sense making-map.

Expect Results: Respect, Alignment, Profit, Clarity of Purpose

Break the Communication Sound Barrier.

Go from Conflict to Conversation.

Navigate the road to preeminence.

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Process & Outcome

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Executive Coaching starts with a conversation between the coach and you. Your immediate challenge requires a successful strategy. Each challenge is colored by your business context. i4's solutions are like "laser surgery" targeted to do the job and open new opportunities for growth.  

Your challenges may involve capital goods, financial investments, cash flow, stake holders (including investors), and your brand positioning or reputation. These must connect. Our solutions address profit and preeminence in your industry. One quick "schedule a call" gets a solution-conversation started. 

End parties working around each other instead of with each other. Change conflicts to conversations on how to best implement the vision. Install a cultural mindset from menial to the management loyal to serving the business first, financial responsibility, service and creativity.

Leaders leading leaders:

Executive education for everyone

What is time? Knowing the nature of time gives you power over it. 

Through i4 and HERO's executive coaching you will gain power over time, goals, relationhsips, conflict and strategy. Executive Education for Everyone...power to achieve for  and with everyone important to you!

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