i4 Advantage & HERO XL Coaching

HERO for Business

HERO for business is built on the same reality base as the peronal HERO.


Our services include Executive, Corpoate, Institution wide, and individual assessments and coaching in the context of the business. 


Our products include HERO for business to identify and prioritze goals and develop strategy that cascades to each department and employee. This provides individual focus within the cooperative goal oriented mindset. It does this through open and clear communications that are motivating to all parties and departments. 


Executive Education for Everyone and action coaching link the goals and actions in terms that enegage the top potentials of each person and further support departments and management with certainty the goals are strategically pursued with minimal miscommunication.





i4 Advantage is proud to use and assoicate with the Devine Group


i4 Advantage and HERO Coaching are trained and licensed administrators of the individual and cultural human development and cultural team building assessment: The Devine Investory, in global use for human and organizational development since 1974. It's creator, Dr. Donald Devine was an early pioneer in Human Resource Management whose last and final work (he will be missed) was with DuPont, in Delaware. 


Try HERO for Business. 

HERO for Business is the big picture overview that provides direction toward firm next steps. It is in the final stages of technical design and delivery. When copleted, I send you a tool that maps, prioritizes, aligns your present goals. The map also measures your stress levels and context of your drive and vision.


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