The promise of performance: 

i4 Advantage is a vision of supporting each executive, leader, and individual to create their own flexible and compelling vision of living and to move steadily and quickly toward it. Life is an experience of human vision. Published insights, demonstrated by real evidence, enables the folks at i4 Advantage to help you to make sense of your total life now and move steadily toward your vision with joy and energy.  At i4 Advantage, our initial consultation and highly acclaimed executive life maps are provided at no cost, Your first two sessions are highly discounted and often, are enough to solve a present challenge and open the doors of awareness and real hope. The executive and life coaching map are free. 


Dr. Smith earned a Ph.D. in Human Systems by formally demonstrating that all ideas about family, community, business, and global conflicts are guided by a single pattern that is easy to understand All your conflicts also follow a pattern and can move from very negative results to results that create new and exciting developments.













In business, our experience includes formal licensed financial advising, capital raising, interim president and board member of a public energy company,  manager of a large loan portfolio in a private bank, and a fiduciary (RIA) advisor. I share this here to frame the level of experience that will both be brought to you in our conversation and that has formed the process of coaching you will experience.  Other skills include facilitating bio-ethics groups in large institutions and coaching individuals. These experience and education (including an MBA and a labor relations degree from Cornell University) cover each area of your life and step in the HERO process. The goal of i4 is to coach each client in developing in the emotional, financial, relational and even physical vision, what ever their vision may be. Even after supervising a global coaching project focusing on individuals, Dr. Smith was formally trained in the advanced practices of Strategic Intervention coaching by one of the leading psychologists today at the RMT certification program. He is in the process of Board Certification, the highest standing and super certification of professionals in the field. 


Life is simple to understand, challenging to make your very own and joyful to share.


The Global Coaching Initiative:

i4 Advantage exists as a business to add value to life.i4 is affiliated with the 501c3 nonprofit The Foundation of Unity. We exist to teach every human the value of profit and how to add value to other people's lives in order to do so. Thus, we are happily interested in all global problems for they are a function of individuals who have no idea that money, in all cultures and nations, is the truest communication of value between non-family members known to history. Money holds a place in every life right next to human relationships, physical materials, and feelings. Knowing this relationship is necessary to bring all the world together, at every level, culture, and geography. It requires education and that is part of coaching.  All the world can get a simple introduction of HERO free, and a map to provide initial direction and insight here. HERO has a secret diversity side no other has.

HERO uses a simple 4X4 matrix to organize all knowledge at the highest categorical level. It covers all the knowledge in Dewey Decimal Classification system but in real and tangible terms. In our research, we demonstrated that all modern people experience just four real things:

1. Our body and all real material things. (This is the base of materialist science)

2. Other complete humans that differ from things because these "others" are autonomous. (This is the base of social science.)

3. a true communication of value. (This is the base of the science of economics)

4. Energy as feelings and emotions moving in our body or the sunlight outside our body, yet on it. (This is the science of psychology.)

When placed in various combinations, all possible areas of knowledge and science are easily identified. 

When experienced, desire for more arises and learning and creativity emerge in us. That is life. 

 We interact with other people (sociology), with money (economics), with energy (psychology-thought and feeling) and with material things (medicine ergonomics and others).



In our depth research, instances of each of these four areas were mapped on a Rubik's cube. Then, they can be mixed or matched randomly to represent any person or culture. The mathematics of the cube indicates enough variation to cover the entire population of planet Earth many thousands of times over. So, while humans are the same at the highest level, there is plenty of room for uniqueness too. 

Our global mission is to empower all people to learn how human relate value through money in addition to family love relationships, tangible things or gifts, and shared emotions. This builds passion, empathy, and respect as well as naturally competitive markets. Ask how you can become involved. 







Dr. James D. Smith

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